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If you are looking for the perfect bell tent for your needs - then look no further! We have the perfect thing for you...

Frequently asked questions

What Makes a Luxury Camping Tent Ideal for Glamping?

The clue is in the name right? Glamorous Camping - you're going to need a Luxury Tent! Our bell tents are perfect for glamping due to their spacious interiors, high-quality canvas material, and stylish design. They offer ample room for furniture and accessories, creating a comfortable and upscale camping experience.

How Do I Choose the Right Accessories for My Luxury Camping Tent?

Selecting the right accessories for your Luxury Camping Tent depends on your camping style and needs. Our recommendations would be to get a canopy! You can then have an outdoor living area - trust us, you'll never go regular camping again! If you are looking for the perfect accessory for you though please get in touch.

Are Luxury Camping Tents Easy to Transport and Set Up?

Yes, Luxury Camping Tents are designed for easy transport and setup. Simply follow the instructions and you'll have the perfect mobile home wherever you want it. It is important to note that the larger tent you go, the weight will really start to increase and will mean it will be easier to get a trolley to move the tent from place to place!

Can I Use My Luxury Camping Tent for Winter Camping?

We have been living in the UK our whole lives and that was one of the main things we considered! We know that the weather isn't always on our side so we made sure the tent could last in the cold winter months as well as the rainy days whenever they may come.

How Do I Ensure My Luxury Camping Tent Stays in Good Condition?

Maintain your Luxury Camping Tent by regularly cleaning it with a soft brush and mild soap. Ensure it is completely dry before storage to prevent mold and mildew. Store in a cool, dry place, and consider using a groundsheet to protect the floor before you set up the tent. To view the full steps in making the tent last longer check out our blog here

Do you offer any trade discounts?

We can supply trade discounts to any purchaser looking to buy multiple tents or accessories. Simply check out our trade section for more information

Do you offer returns?

We offer refunds but please check our returns and refund policy to check that you are eligible.