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Size guide

Size Guide

Are you ready to elevate your camping experience with our exquisite range of bell tents? At Boho Bell Tent, we offer a variety of sizes to cater to all your outdoor needs, from cozy getaways for couples to spacious retreats for large groups. Our bell tents provide the perfect blend of style and functionality, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right size bell tent for your adventure.

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Add some extra outdoor coverage with the curved canopy! Whether you want some more space, a covered outdoor seating section or just a place to leave your muddy boots - this curved canopy can help!

Transform your outdoor space with the elegant Bell Tent Curved Canopy from Boho Bell Tent. Available in two convenient sizes—2m and 3m—this canopy is designed to add style, comfort, and functionality to your bell tent setup.

For reference we have put the 2m Curved Canopy on the 4 metre Classic Bell Tent and the 3m Curved Canopy on the 5 metre Classic Bell Tent

We would recommend the 2m Curved Canopy on any tent smaller than the 5 metre Classic Bell Tent - for the 5m / 6m / 7m we would recommend the 3m Curved Canopy

If you still aren't sure what size to get make sure to reach out and one of our team will help!

Whether you opt for the 2m or 3m version, this canopy is a stylish and practical addition to any outdoor setup. Order yours today and enjoy the perfect blend of elegance and functionality on your next adventure.

Instruction Manual

Need some help putting up this tent or just want to see how easy it is? Check out our instruction manual

Stylist Tips

For extra help in how to turn your Bell Tent into your own perfect sanctuary check the Stylist Guide here

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High quality materials

Timeless design

Bell Tent Curved Canopy

Versatile Design:
The Bell Tent Curved Canopy offers a beautifully arched structure that seamlessly blends with the aesthetic of your bell tent. Its graceful curve provides additional shaded area, making it the perfect spot for relaxing, dining, or socialising. Whether you're looking to extend your living space or create a cosy nook for outdoor activities, this canopy delivers both form and function.

Durable Construction:
Crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, our curved canopy is built to withstand the elements. The sturdy poles and reinforced fabric ensure stability and longevity, providing reliable protection and enhancing your outdoor experience. Its robust design guarantees that it will remain a staple in your camping gear for years to come.

Easy Setup:
Setting up the Bell Tent Curved Canopy is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. The simple assembly process allows you to quickly create a sheltered space without any hassle. When not in use, the canopy can be easily packed away for convenient storage and transport.

Two Size Options:
Choose between the 2m or 3m canopy to best suit your needs. The 2m canopy is ideal for more intimate gatherings or smaller tents, while the 3m canopy offers expansive coverage for larger groups and additional activities. Both sizes provide ample shade and protection, ensuring a comfortable outdoor environment.

How is the best way to ventilate my bell tent?

Each of our bell tents are built with netting meaning you can keep your doors and windows open to enjoy the fresh air without bugs pestering you!

Can I use a stove inside a bell tent?

We would advise only using a stove that is made from fire retardant material. Please make sure that if you are using a stove that there is ventilation in the tent and that your stove is correctly positioned so the smoke leaves the tent through the chimney and stove flap.

Are bell tents easy to transport?

Bell tents can get pretty heavy - with a 7m tent reaching weights of 68kg! We would advise making sure you have a good trolley to be able to transport our larger tents or a group of people willing to carry it together! Our smaller tents are a lot easier to carry - for full details please reach out to one of our team for more information.

How durable are these bell tents?

If these tents are properly taken care of these bell tents can last up to 15 years! They are built to last. We ask that you make sure that they are dry and clean before being put away and that you follow our instruction manual carefully!

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